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old journal...
1984, 80s horror movies, acoustics, across five aprils, afi, against me!, alkaline trio, american history x, anything victory, aqua teen hunger force, as i lay dying, asian films, athf, atreyu, autumn, beauty, being a bitch, bingo, biting, blood brothers, blood for blood, boondock saints, boondocks, boys night out, brand new, brave new world, bright eyes, cheesy gore movies, choke, cigarettes, clouds, comics, converge, cops, cursive, dark tranquility, david eddings, december, descendents, desparecidos, diary, dimmu borgir, donnie darko, drinking, ebony tears, eels, fahrenheit 451, family guy, fight club, from autumn to ashes, green party, halloween, hoodies, horror movies, horror punk, i hate myself, inseferum, interesting conversations, invisible monsters, judge judy, kissing, kissing in the rain, louisville, lullaby, magnolia, making fun of people, memento, metal, minor threat, misfits, my chemical romance, ninjas, norma jean, norther, opeth, ozma, photography, pi, piercings, pile-ons, pixies, placebo, poetry, pretty stuff, punk, q and not u, rain, requiem for a dream, saturday supercade, scars, screamo, seeing the sunset/sunrise, senses fail, shows, silverstein, snatch, stand-up comedians, star wars, stephen chow films, stitches, survivor, taking back sunday, tale of two cities, tattoos, the cure, the red chord, the rocket summer, the violent femmes, thrice, tom petty, trail of dead, trainspotting, tsunami bomb, vertigo comics, violent femmes, weakerthans, writing, zombie apocalypse, zombie movies, zombies